Hi, I'm Hussein


Muscat Tech

A website to discover tech communities and events in Muscat.


A neotest adapter for minitest


Founder of the Oman Go community based in in Muscat, Oman.

Android Password Store

Previously the maintainer of the Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application


lbdbq completion for coc.nvim

project euler

My solutions for project euler in multiple languages


Proxying Plausible Analytics using Cloudflare Pages

Using Cloudflare Pages and Functions to proxy Plausible Analytics, ensuring accurate metrics collection while upholding …

Migrating to Kagi Search and Orion Browser

A review of my experience migrating to Kagi Search and the Orion Browser. Highlighting Pros, cons, and quirks of these …

Building the Muscat Tech Calendar with Hugo

A technical overview of how we built Muscat Tech, a website to discover tech communities and events in Muscat.

Activating Display P3 on Firefox for Mac

A step-by-step guide on how to get the Display P3 color space working on Firefox for Mac.

The Irony of SendGrid's Two-Factor Authentication

A frustrating experience with SendGrid's 2FA process, highlighting the irony of a message delivery platform's inability …

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog