Activating Display P3 on Firefox for Mac

Display P3, a color space increasingly adopted in the digital cinema industry and on high-end digital devices, is designed to encompass the majority of colors perceivable by the human eye. This wide color gamut creates vibrant and life-like images, enhancing our digital visual experience significantly.

Can you spot the difference? If you don’t have a wide-gamut display, you might not notice any difference. You can find other comparison images here.

As a long-term Firefox user, I am fully satisfied with its performance and capabilities. I initially started using it on Linux, and have since stuck with it even after switching to Mac. Despite Safari’s impressive compatibility with Mac, the absence of extensions like uBlock Origin makes it less attractive to me.

While Mac users enjoy access to the Display P3 color space, enabling it on Firefox was a hurdle I recently overcame. By default, it works flawlessly on Safari, but Firefox required a few tweaks.

After doing some digging, I found a solution in the depths of a Mozilla Bugzilla thread. The key to activating Display P3 on Firefox involves modifying the about:config to point to the ICC profile and turning the native sRGB off:

gfx.color_management.mode = /System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Display P3.icc
gfx.color_management.native_srgb = false

After making these changes, the P3 color space started working on Firefox. The broader color spectrum offered by Display P3 does introduce noticeable differences in the visual experience, particularly when viewing color-rich content.