The story behind "zidhuss"

Choosing a unique username can be surprisingly challenging. With billions online, a distinctive handle leads us to append numbers or symbols to our names, diluting their personal significance. I consider myself fortunate to have landed on a username that is not only unique but meaningful to me: zidhuss.

So, what’s the story behind it?

The latter part, “huss”, is a nod to my first name, Hussein. To many, I’m only known as Huss. Mention Hussein, and they might wonder who you’re talking about.

The “zid” prefix has its roots in my admiration and my attempt to imitate my footballing icon Zinedine Zidane1. In school, some of my peers would call me “ZidHussein”.

That’s all there is to it. In a world of numbers and duplicates, zidhuss stands out as uniquely mine.