Professional highlights

My professional journey began as a Logistics Automation Software Engineer at DAI in Manchester, UK, where I played a pivotal role in enhancing the testing framework code and served as the tech lead on a Java-based desktop application designed to simulate material handling equipment in automated warehouses.

In July 2019, I took up the role of Lead Software Engineer at Rihal in Muscat, Oman. As one of the founding members of the engineering division, I was instrumental in fostering a robust engineering culture and leading the development of high-impact products, such as the hydrocarbon forecasting and document search engine. I also implemented innovative solutions like auto-scaling self-hosted runners on Kubernetes for GitHub Actions, which led to reduced cloud costs and improved CI workflow times.

In April 2022, I joined Impactive as a remote Senior Software Engineer. During my tenure, I made a significant impact by optimizing long-running report-generating SQL queries and improving the performance of a crucial endpoint using lazy loading. Additionally, I integrated the Stripe API for billing and subscriptions, streamlining the payment collection process. My focus on security also contributed to the overall safety and reliability of the codebase.

As 2022 drew to a close, inspired by the evolving landscape of the tech industry and seeking new challenges, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding my own company. This transition heralded a fresh chapter in my professional journey, allowing me to wear the dual hats of an entrepreneur and an independent software consultant. Through my startup, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse entities across the US, UK and Oman, providing tangible solutions to real-world challenges. My work has included integrating with third-party APIs, spearheading the adoption of CI/CD practices, significantly reducing cloud infrastructure costs, and offering valuable security insights.